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Ragdoll kittens



"Ragdolls are large docile cats, suited to living in units and flats, condominiums and apartments.

They are sweet-faced and muscular with an overall elegance and balance..."

P.S.they're also very cuddly!

The origin of the Ragdoll dates back to 1960 when a white female Persian was mated with a male Birman.

The Ragdoll has a diminished instinct to defend itself and is therefore an ideal indoor cat. This breed is popular amongst cat lovers that live in units. However, RAGGIES recommend that all cats are kept within the bounds of their owner's property.

The group of kittens on the right are a itter of 5 males- 2 seal bi-colour (lying down) and 3 seal colourpoint (standing). Bred by RAGGIES Cattery. Weren't they brilliant, posing as they did for this photo?

5 Raggies Ragdoll kittens

3 Raggies Ragdoll kittens

Raggies Ragdoll kitten

The Ragdoll is classed as a large cat. The temperament is pretty lay-back!*- Hence their name- "Ragdoll." Eyes are blue and coat is semi-longhair with points on their ears, tail, face and legs. A Ragdoll's fur is silky in texture (Angora) and requires a minimum amount of grooming. They come in colours and patterns: Colours are: Seal, Chocolate, Lilac and Blue. Patterns are: Colourpoint, Mitted and Bi-colour.

* "Lay-back" is a colloquial expression meaning mild-tempered or easy-going.


The gender of a Ragdoll makes little difference when they are sterilised prior to 6 months of age. There is almost no difference in behaviour or affection. Males will not spray as their equipment has not been "enabled" and they do not have an urge to mark their territory ! Many people ask for a female kitten under the mistaken belief that they are more affectionate. This is incorrect. We have found that in most cases there will be no difference. It must be said though that male kittens will grow larger than females. This of course means that there will be more cat to cuddle! We would respectfully request that prospective buyers do not leave all our males kittens wondering why nobody loves them!

RAGGIES kittens go to their new owners at 12 weeks old, having had two vaccinations . They will have also have been wormed and micro-chipped. All kittens are registered with the F.C.C.of W.A. as pedigree animals.

Raggies Ragdoll kitten

ALYSSA is a blue bi-colour.

Raggies Ragdoll kitten

At 6 weeks old we get up to a lot of mischief!

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