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3 Raggies Ragdoll kittens
Can a Ragdoll and our dog get on together ?
Generally after a few weeks the dog and cat will start to get on together. We have often heard that the cat becomes the boss! Of course, you have to get your kitten used to the new home before introducing it to your dog.
Raggies Ragdoll kitten
Are females more affectionate than males?
No, we don't believe this to be the case, based on the experience we have had and the experience of others. All cats have their own personalities. When the cats are sterilised when kittens, they really don't display any different gender behaviours.
Raggies Ragdoll kitten
Will male kittens spray?

When male kittens are sterilised before 6 months of age, they have usually have not developed the hormones that would cause them to "mark" their territory. They basically 'don't miss what they never had' in this respect!

Raggies Ragdoll kitten
What about my other pet cat?
This can be a problem but generally will resolve itself over time. It really does depend on the personalities of both animals and the age of your existing cat. They will eventually learn to tolerate each other. As with chickens though, one will always have to be the boss! Many cats end up being the best of friends with each other.
Raggies seal point kitten
When can I take my kitten home?

It will get the second vaccination, sterilisation, health check and micro-chipping at 12 weeks old and then it is ready to go!

Raggies Ragdoll kitten
Should I keep my kitten indoors?

Ragdolls are happy to stay indoors. For such a special animal, care must be taken to ensure that it does not get tangled with traffic, "moggies", snakes, mites etc. For the benefit of the native birds and animals too, a responsible cat owner will keep it confined to the house and garden.

Raggies Ragdoll kitten
Can I have a photo of my kitten?
Once you have put a deposit on your kitten we will supply you with updated photos or videos as it grows.
Raggies Ragdoll kitten
Can I name my kitten whatever I like?
When the kittens are born we have to register them with the Feline Control Council within 5 weeks. To do this we have to name them for identification. However, this is only a pedigree name and you can call the kitten your own favourite name. The original name we choose though, will always be on the pedigree.
Raggies Ragdoll kitten
What about grooming- does a Ragdoll have problem with tangles?
Ragdoll fur is very manageable but most cats require a brush occasionally. In the summertime this may have to be more frequent, as they lose a lot of fur due to the heat. It is also a good idea to brush them frequently to cut down the amount of fur balls that they have to cope with.
Raggies Ragdoll kitten
What will I do about fleas and mites?
Fleas can be a part of life for cats and dogs. You will have to use a proprietary product to control fleas and mites. We use one of the proprietary products that are readily available at pet outlets and vets.
Raggies Ragdoll kitten
What about diet?
A good quality kitten/cat biscuit, as appropriate, coupled with some chopped chicken or fish. We don't recommend that you give your cat milk. However, we will give you a diet sheet before you take your kitten home, as some kittens are more tolerant of some foods than others.

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